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Focused on creative solutions to climate change and sustainability.

Writing & Projects

Integrating a Flexible Program with Energy Innovation

Vidaris - 2015 - Global Interchanges - Resurgence of the Skyscraper City, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban habitat

Keys to tapping the world’s least expensive energy resource

Vidaris - 2014

“Introduction,” “Land,” “Rapacious Skies” & “Infrastructure.” Emerging Urban Futures: Land, Infrastructure, Water. 

Ed. Moji Baratloo and K Holt-Damant. NY: Columbia University Press | 6/09

Faced with dynamic influences including climate change and its predicted extreme weather conditions, Manhattan’s resilience relies on a re-conception of property, increased interdependencies, aggregate benefit and a redefinition of the public realm. 

The Greatest Grid: A Call for Ideas competition 2011

We must restructure the competition as a means to gain publicity and transmit knowledge beneficial to our field into the larger public arena. 

M.S. A+UD - Columbia University - 2007

Brownfield sites provide an interesting opportunity for landscape intervention, depending on the type of contamination and the schedule required by the developer.

M.S. A+UD - Columbia University - 2007

What does growth pressure mean for the cities of Quito and Guayaquil?

We offer a system of re_sourcing values to create better functionality of our city systems, provide for continued growth and development and protect opportunities for future development.

M.S. A+UD - Columbia University - 2007

New York City is an archipelago - the massive infrastructures that have been the city’s lifeline for decades, in some cases a century or more, are vulnerable to the effects of global climate change. This creates an opportunity for New York to improve its urban fabric, to maintain its status as a world-class city and provide a healthy environment for all of its inhabitants. 

M.S. A+UD - Columbia University - 2006

Envisioned as a self-sufficient public space, power will be provided via solar fabric canopies, maintenance funding will be generated through public-private partnerships to provide kayaking, entertainment space and academic space.

M.S. A+UD - Columbia University - 2006

The depleted oil platforms source-point arts facilities and the center of new offshore development for human habitation and aquatic cities.


B.Arch - Cal Poly SLO - 2001

2010 ID Magazine Annual Design Review Honorable Mention Award


MADLAB - 2009


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